Hochzeitsfotograf Hamburg - Ihr Fotograf für eine unvergängliche Hochzeit

Face from Hamburg

11. April 2014

There was a girl , I’ve always seen her with a microphone in her hand.
Previously I was at many events and parties and I have seen her constantly! Pretty, no question! But who was she? No idea !
A face of hamburg, you see them over and over again , eventually you know who they are and where they belong, and sometimes you get to know these faces .
So it happened last year . At a party hopping, no idea they they call it that way, but every few months I go out again , to see if everything is still just as drunk as I knew it :)
You meet people , acquaintances and friends ! And also Rana was present, she replaced our beautiful city against New York ( wow) …and visited in Hamburg again.
She was friends with this Hamburg face and so we made ​​a clubchange together and so I asked her: „Who are you? “ She:“Natalie!“
Okay! Natalie looked much prettier live!
Next question: „Do you want to shoot some pictures with me? “ She said okay :)
What can I say , we were spontaneous, tried out something and this is what we got!

Natalie is a radio moderator and since I know that, I hear her constantly , and sometimes I can’t stop to send her a message when I hear her live: D
So , have a look at what we got and maybe you hear her on the radio … in Hamburg! :)