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Family Shooting at Beau Vallon on Mahé, Seychelles

22. November 2014

This shoot emerged kind of curious. I was at a takeaway (which are like an „Imbiss“ in Germany, but usually you take the food away, or home) and Dianne worked there.
Dianne is the mother of these two cuties, and we started talking.
This island is not very big, so you will meet again somewhere and we did. We talked about everything you can discuss. I found her story very moving, even if there were many things not so nice. She told me that she has two daughters and immediately I had an idea in my mind. This woman has experienced pretty much shit and the only thing that makes her happy at the moment, are her daughters. So, if it is so, why not to put this happiness in pictures!?
As soon as I got this in my mind we had a plan! Dianne was interested and I had the most fantastic ideas :) A few days later we picked up the kids from daycare and school, and I did not know what to say …. they were soooo cute: D
We went to Beau Vallon which is a fantastic beach in the north of Mahé island, known for its stunning sunsets. On the way there was a little lesson about buckling up, because it seems nobody makes it in Seychelles, so many parents don’t teach their children. But not in my car, even if they agreed reluctantly;)
But they’ve also sung ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WoIzCsiPLQ&feature=youtu.be
When we arrived, I jumped into the water first, and the kids afterwards: D that was great, because we could get to know first right and the little cuties lost immediately any inhibition. I threw them back and forth between a few swimming exercises and then fun again: D
After that I went dry myself, even though the two begged me to continue. But we still had a plan :)
So I took the camera and started to observe the two through the lens.
I had to convince Mama Dianne that she will not look ugly. From that moment they forgot me and the camera, so I could hold on to what I see.

A few days later, when I finished editing the pictures, I went to a shop to get the print out so that they could see the pictures. I believe that I have made them very happy!
I can’t wait to see them again :D