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How I work as a wedding photographer on Seychelles

24. Juni 2015

When I visit Seychelles, I’m coming as a wedding photographer!

I remember the moment when I realized that this is not a flash in the pan here. This is more, this is a feeling, a lifestyle! Wedding photographer? Seychelles? Hm … I googled it first, when I came to my first trip to these wonderful islands back home. Much I had not found, but a contact that I found. And today we are good friends, exchanging us brainstorm together.

The second wedding couple on my trip

I already had a booked wedding for this journey. The second request came to me very fast! So everything was perfect for the next trip in March. (I didn’t know yet, that I would have another wedding on Praslin in february.)

Which ideas did I find on Seychelles this time?

I had prepared myself, as good as always and I knew the couple well from the testshooting to get a view of what would suit them. I chosed a few spots that I already had visited with other couples, but that have enough space that I don’t need to take pictures of the same scenes. (Couples do not care, they will still get their dreamshots, but I want to vary course for not to get myself in routine).
This time I also went to „Eden Island“, an artificial island, which has a great luxury. These Scenes I could literally imagine and it fit them very much. In between, we discovered a few spots where we stopped to get a few extra shots. At the end of the day we got the sunset and beer on the north beach of Constance Ephelia Resort.

Arriving at Seychelles:

Another wonderful experience as a wedding photographer, look at what pictures came out at this wedding:

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