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Shooting in Mallorca

30. Mai 2014

I was gone again !

Not far , but somewhere else :)

I was in Mallorca , the first time . So far, I heard about Mallorca only „drinking“ and „there is yet another, much nicer side of the island.“
Those were my rough ideas .
How Southern Europe looks, I had already experienced in southern Spain and Portugal, I liked it very very much. Now it was Mallorca.

Why was I there ? Hm .. So the reason is a wedding that I will join as a photographer in september.
I am doing a testshooting with my couples before their wedding. This would, however, not be possible connected to a location check.
So I Looked out this airfare and hotel costs so low and behold, a bargain! So I booked! Something was missing but … running around there and taking pictures of the scenery is not my way.
Even though I had an appointment with a friend, but a winetouched evening won’t fill 4 days ;)

So I invited my favorite model to accompany me . The apartment had two beds and yes the airfare was really a joke.
Why Anna?
I like her! We have seen each other several times, developed many beautiful photos together, we’ve always well understood and already endured in Amsterdam in a confined space without killing us . :P Who can stand so much with me, simply must be great … HAHA :D

So, off the plane and as soon as we started, we ended up already again . Anyone who has traveled to the Seychelles 13 hours , is happy about such a short flight :)

Sunday we arrived, it was quite cold , cloudy and 17 degrees. Not what we had left the day in Hamburg , there it was very sunny warm.

After a good recommendation for dinner, we walked towards the resort where the wedding would take place , a dream spot , out of sight of the hotel bunkers that Mallorca has unfortunately like .
From there we were picked up by my friend and invited to wine and olives. We enjoyed the evening with a fantastic view and one of the most delicious wines I ever tasted!

On the next day we arranged for a tour by car, my friend needed a moment, so Anna and I went back to the resort, the weather was excellent and we started with a few pictures , the first attempts were strenuous , sun, lots of sun, which is not always the best.
But it was going on and then car came and we discovered a wonderful harbor , open fields , small villages and a mountain with a huge gorge , very impressive , quite away from tourism . That must have been the other „nice“ side of the island , at least a small part of it.

On Tuesday we decided to take the bus to Palma , Portal Nous had not enough flair to impress us in this moment.
Palma , wow! The huge cathedral, a location to fall in love with. But first I wanted to Ballermann to get a sense of the cliché.
It was not long since I had already enough, RTL2 had already shown a pretty good overview of what is happening there …
But the good thing is that a few meters further also again there’s peace and quiet , time for some beach pictures, Anna was wow again!
We also ate something, well, there it is slightly cheaper than in Portal Nous , where we stayed overnight.
But I needed to return to the Cathedral to put Anna in the best light. We also did and I couldn’t stop! Such a nice place!
I think we were onlyback at 22 o’clock, a very successful day!
The last day was rather a travel day. A full bus, but very interesting to watch the people. There were also some southern European beauties to have a look at ;)
Back in Hamburg we got the best weather, so everything was done right.

I just finished the pictures and I have to post them directly on the wall.
I already had a good feeling in Palma but Anna was incredible again!

Have fun watching :)