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Wedding photogapher at Seychelles

24. Juni 2015

I was back as a wedding photographer in the Seychelles

When I was in Seychelles the first time as a wedding photographer, I did not even know in which direction which island is. Now that I was the fifth time as a photographer in Seychelles, I take my wedding couples to the most interesting places to let them enjoy an unforgettable experience and a real wedding dream.

My wedding couple

They say that there are no good or bad couples. That’s true! I meet my couples always openminded. Your wedding is the highlight and I as a photographer an important part of this ceremony. Just on the other side of the world, in the Seychelles, it is even more important to have a companion who knows what happened and above all knows what impressed. Pia and Martin were a perfect couple for me, they were completly cool because they realized that I know what happened and I will do my best to give them a dream wedding in the Seychelles. So we ended up to a big rock that I think is one of the most beautiful places on Mahé and it had made up my mind totally to one day get a couple there. As you can see in the pictures, it was worth it :)

My trip to the Seychelles

As usual I film a lot of scenes with the phone, tell a little bit of what I have experienced and share it with you on my Youtube channel. Here you see a few small scenes from my trip, unfortunately this journey I did not have so much time on video, but a small amount of material I got together :)

The Wedding

The ceremony took place on Mahé,at one of my favorite beaches Baie Lazare .
The Implementation of the ceremony was realized by „Wedding in Seychelles“ that came up once again with an excellent decoration!

Later, after c
hampaigne and cake, we sneaked along the beach, catched a few scenes and then we went to Chez Batista, a guest house on Takamaka Beach.


When the main course comes, I leave them alone. So they can fully enjoy their day :)
The After Wedding shooting we made a few days later. We went to several spots and enjoyed the day! :)


But talked enough, here you get the images: